It's time to speak your mind.
We know you have a lot to say to the world, and Heyoya makes every voice count.Gone are the days in which you had to type, spell check or use exclamation marks just to be heard online. Heyoya's cutting edge technology replaces the way you used to comment. You can now cheer your favorite team, review the latest restaurant and give a shout out to your favorite celebrity.
How? It's simple. All you need to do is talk. We will make sure you're being heard.

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  • “ I'm in love with the Heyoya app! I can record comments all day long. ”
  • “ It's so cool knowing everyone is hearing what I have to say. ”
  • “ I'm never typing a comment again - this is too much fun! ”


Record a comment online by using your own words and tone of voice.
Typing is a thing of the past.



You can always go back to your comment, replay it, and see what others had to say back.
Let's stir things up!



Content is king, and your comment rules! Share your comment on social media or WhatsApp, and get your friends in on all the fun.